How to get accepted into the AWS Community Builders Program

What is the AWS Community Builders program and what does it offer? Some tips and advice to assist you on your application

Latest update (22/10/2021)

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You are someone who is ambitious and eager to continuously keep learning. A highly passionate individual in the field of Cloud and Tech.

The AWS Community Builders program offers :

  • Technical resources
  • Access to AWS product teams and latest info on new services and features
  • Opportunities for mentorship and networking
  • AWS Promotional Credits to use on the console for more building.
  • Allows like-minded individuals to come and learn from each other.
  • A place for ambitious and thought leaders to share knowledge and connect with the wider AWS Community.
  • Some surprises you’ll find out once you join :)

From the beginning to the end, you will have subject matter experts by your side guiding you with their experience, sharing their wisdom and providing exclusive insights to you.

As an AWS Community Builder, you are assigned to a certain category, but you are free to explore other categories once you join. The categories that currently exist (at the time of writing this) are:

  • Containers
  • Storage
  • Developer tools
  • Management, Governance and Migration
  • Data
  • Serverless
  • Machine Learning
  • Networking and Content Delivery
  • Security, Identity and Compliance
  • Game Tech
  • Gravitron/Arm Development
  • Mobile and Web Apps

How can one apply?

These applications are opened up by AWS twice a year and one can apply on the official AWS Community Builder page where you will find the latest information on this.

For the application, you will go through a process like this:

  1. Initial form filling
  2. Selecting your category (as mentioned previously)
  3. Sharing your cloud journey
  4. Sharing your social media profiles
  5. Sharing links to blogs, videos you have recorded and events you have delivered in

Also, mention any cloud certifications you have completed or are currently preparing for.

What is the criteria for entry?

Trust me on this, there’s no secret to it and anyone can apply, here is what AWS says about it:

While there is no single specific criterion for being accepted into the program, applications will generally be reviewed for evidence and accuracy of technical content, such as blog posts, open source contributions, and presentations; online knowledge sharing, such as posts to AWS Forums, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and related Slack channels; and community organization efforts, such as hosting AWS User Groups, Meetups, and other community-based events.

In simple terms, any individual who is passionate about building on AWS can go for it! The application process is open to AWS builders worldwide; applicants from all regions, demographics, and underrepresented communities. There are no restrictions as long as you are 18 and over, and all AWS builders are encouraged to apply.

However, the program only accepts a limited number of individuals yearly.

More tips and advice

There is no exact criteria that is set. It doesn’t mean you need create a YouTube channel, create a certain number of blog posts or any set requirement. It’s the same on the other side; you don’t need 5+ years experience on AWS or be a Senior in your field. The important thing is to be active in the community, show excitement and determination for all things AWS.

How can I get involved in the community?

Every individual excels at something so there’s not a set thing you need to do in order to guarantee entry into the program.

However, some of the ways that can assist you in the program:

  • Blogging : Write blogs on a topic you are passionate about. Doesn't have to be weekly or monthly, whenever you feel ready, then just write. My personal recommendation is to use medium. Create an account and start writing. Get a friend or colleague to review your writing, then post and share it on your socials.
  • Social media: Twitter and LinkedIn are the two most popular platforms for those in the Tech industry. Feel free to use the hashtags #awscommunity or just #aws when posting on both of the platforms, and for a wider reach. They are both amazing places to connect with like-minded individuals, receive and give feedback on your learning. I personally use LinkedIn often and has helped to progress my career. You can also follow “100daysofcloud”, an amazing community which allows you to grow your cloud computing skills.
  • YouTube: The amount of ways you can contribute here is huge and what you can gain from it is endless. You don’t need crazy recording setups; a decent phone and a laptop will be enough for you to screen and voice record yourself sharing knowledge.
  • Contributing to forums: Blogging is not a must, simple guiding people on tech forums can go a long way. Listening and contributing to fruitful discussions on cloud and tech can open your mind to further learning. Also, sharing your knowledge and assisting others is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge.
  • Build & Share: Host an application Elastic Beanstalk, host a static website on S3 or a dynamic one on EC2. Create as much as possible on AWS, post these on your GitHub and socials.

The program can be very competitive and not all who apply will get accepted on their first application. Applications open twice a year, so more opportunities are available and your time will come.

Remember, the aim of joining the program is not just for the freebies you get. Rather, you should aim to expand you personal skill set and network with great minds in the field.

When is the next application open?

The next application will re-open roughly around early 2022. You can add your name to a waitlist provided by AWS. Feel free to reach out if you need further guidance on the process.

Official AWS Community Builders page :

I hope that this article gave you a good insight on the AWS Community Builders program and I look forward to welcoming you in the community soon ;)

All the best !




AWS Community Builder | Platform Engineer | Cloud-Native and DevOps Enthusiast | CKA, CKAD & CKS

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Mohamed Abukar

Mohamed Abukar

AWS Community Builder | Platform Engineer | Cloud-Native and DevOps Enthusiast | CKA, CKAD & CKS

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